1. Limit the Number of Plug-ins that you Use ( You need to remove unwanted plug-ins from the blog. It may increase the page load time )

2. Optimize Images  – You can also optimize images before uploading them to WordPress. ( Use thumbnail images instead of full size images ).

3. Turn off Post Revisions

4. For a Minimalist Theme – You will need to simplify your theme or choose another ( Simple and Best [ Minimal amount of custom codes , images and graphics ] ).

5. Don’t Rely on External Websites – ( Load scripts, images and videos directly from your websites. Don’t rely on external websites  ).

6. Minimize Advertising – It might also be necessary to minimize your use of advertisements. If you are using image ads or javascript based ads which are hosted elsewhere, you will have the problem to load.

7. Avoid Flash Content : Unless you are running a huge and popular site , it is better to avoid flash content and any other plug-ins related to flash. They take more time to load.

8.Avoid Gadgets and Widgets.

9.Database Optimization.