Your website plays essential role of your online and offline marketing strategies. It is the place to collect all your information and then drive traffic to it. Also it is the hub of all your marketing and sale info, make sure it has a firm foundation.


Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. are powerful tools that can strategically help your business grow. Likewise, ranking in search engine results is very valuable.

Here are some steps to build your website foundation in WordPress,

Domain Name

You should buy a correct domain name that contains the exact word about business. It helps in search engine rankings for website . Do not buy a fancy domain name and if the domain name that you want is not available, then you can use your keywords at the beginning and add another word on to it. Also do not worry about a long domain name or even if you have to put a dash in it, because it will still work well in the search engines.

Keyword Research:

It is an important step when starting to build a WordPress website. Researching a good keyword can give you a great advantage over your business competitors. If you follow this step, it will mean you have to do less work in the online marketing. An efficient way to research your niche is to use the Google keyword tool and look for a keyword that people are searching for. When you find a good keyword you must make sure that it has low competition, high search volume, and is also a quality moneymaker.

Use Simple & Clean Design:

Try to use unique & simple design for your business sites. Too many social media icons, extra images and unnecessary information can make your site seem littered. If you use a clean and simple layout, your customers will thank you for the improved experience.

Choose clear WordPress Theme:

Select a clear WP theme for your business. I personally like to use a limited number of WordPress themes and become an expert at customizing them. This way you become a professional admin of those WordPress themes and you are not constantly learning how to customize the theme for your specific needs.

Install Plugins:

WordPress website should have plug-ins to help the website promote itself. I use multiple security & search engine based plug-ins that do most of the work for me. I have a set of essential plug-ins that I install on every website that I work on. These include anti spam, security plug-ins, related post plug-ins, seo plugin, Sociable plugins and so on.

Linking WordPress Website to your social networks:

Social media is of course a vital role in today’s business. Using WordPress as a CMS enables your business to bring in the content from your Twitter account, Facebook pages or YouTube channel and showcase this on your website. And also sharing the content on your new website is a powerful marketing strategy.

After you have followed these steps, it is now time for you to publish some posts about business to your new website. This new post that you publish will disseminate across the Internet automatically if you have placed your foundations correctly. The search engines should be indexing your new website within days.