WordPress is one of the top content management system and it comes with SEO. If you run a high traffic website, you will want to optimize WordPress and your server to run as expeditiously as possible. This article is a general overview of the avenues to pursue.


This article covers a lot of factors that we need to take in the blog optimization. Check out the table of contents below for some quick jumping around.

Server Optimization

* Web Server optimization
* DNS onto a separate server
* PHP acceleration
* MySQL tweaking (query cache, memory limit etc)


* Browser caching (client side)
* WordPress caching Techniques (application level)
* Web server caching (server side)

WordPress Performance

* Permalink settings – Make the URL sound natural and be memorable for your human visitor.
* Remove unused plugins
* Optimize plugins
* Optimize themes, hardcode static vars, etc

Unlading Techniques:

* Unload static files to separate server
* Optimized web servers like publicfile, lighttpd, etc
* Unlod feed traffic.

In-addition to that , you can add keyword phrase posts, writing unique headlines, and baffle linking between older articles / posts, you will soon start discovering an growth in your website traffic. I hope that you found this WordPress site Optimization helpful for developers & beginners. Contact me, If you need any suggestions / ideas to optimize your WordPress website.