If you have an existing static website which is hard to you to update the contents? Yes, WordPress developer can convert your static website in to wordpress CMS. WP developer can install the wordpress package in to your live server and also clone the exact copy of your existing website ( design & functionality ) to wordpress.

The process of static website to wordpress CMS conversion involves:

1)Analyze the existing website pages:

2)Take a backup of your existing website HTML, CSS, Media Files, etc..,

3)Develop the custom wordpress theme which is relevant to existing website.

4)Install the theme.

5)Install the necessary plugins.

6)Customize the plugins if needed.

7)Create pages & update menu navigation.

8)Set-up the permalink structure ( According to your needs.For eg: www.sitename.com/page or www.sitename.com/page.html, etc.., ).

9)Test the integrated wordpress site in various browsers.

Now the website owner can update contents via wordpress admin panel. Hire expert wp developer to convert your static website in to reliable wordpress CMS.