Custom Post Types can be useful for displaying different types of information and content to their plug-ins and themes, allowing you to easily extend WordPress and make it more like a CMS. There are two kind of built in post types in wordpress 1)Posts & 2)Pages.

Custom Post Types can literally represent anything you want. If you are developing a portfolio website, you can create a custom post type called “portfolio” and add what are all the contents you want.Expert wp developer can create custom post types for your wordpress project.

Custom post types as a way of putting each post in their own category with some SEO benefits. If you setup your permalinks correctly you will see your custom post types look like this: only does your url look neat and categorized but Google also seems to crawl them faster.


Benefits of Custom Post Type:

  • Custom Post Type allows you to present your data the way you want.
  • It is used to display your information/data in a custom manner.
  • It increases site security. It will eliminate third party plugins further strengthening your security.
  • It cleanly separates from normal posts.
  • Custom Post Types will be great for end user. Presenting the content in an organized way.

Hire Expert wordpress developer to create custom post types for your wordpress project according to your requirements..