WordPress is a great tool for creating blogs. It works well most of the time, It offers automatic updates, but you would like to make a few quick and simple changes to your design or add some code in your theme, plugin changes by using wordpress admin custom file editor, it may affect your blog / website. You will face the following common errors when you update wordpress latest version plugins and themes.

1.Warning: “Cannot modify header information – headers already sent”

The “headers already sent” error is usually caused by having white space before or after the opening and closing PHP tags.Headers must be parsed before any HTML, and for some reason certain hosts do not like it when you place any HTML above header tags. Open the file in a text editing program that does not create hidden characters; Windows Notepad is a great choice. Check for any hidden characters at the end of the file, such as spaces, by moving your cursor to the end of the file and deleting any spaces.

2. The backups of your WordPress database files are way too large

Many plugins store a bunch of data in your database and increase the size of your database.Most of the time, a large database backup file is caused by certain plugins storing a significant amount of data. Plugins that block spam or that collect statistics on your blog can generate a large amount of data that really is not necessary to store in your database backup file. It may increase problem to access the database (or) return db connectivity errors. WP Plugin Custom Coder fix your blog bugs and maintain your website with great amount of traffic & SEO.

If you have problems with database size, it may be best to backup your database manually. In PHPMyAdmin, you have the option to select which tables will, or will not be backed up.Only include those tables that are important to your blogs data in your backup file.

Image files can add need a large amount of storage space, too. If you have some image files that you are no longer using with your blog that are being backed up with your database, try deleting the old image files.

3. WordPress does not appear to be saving your changes ( Cache Issue )

Most often, this is a cache issue and carries with it a couple of ways to fix it. Ultimately the goal is to cause your web browser to load a fresh copy of the web site from the web server but depending on your browsers cache settings, it maybe loading an old or out dated version of the page. WordPress is likely saving your changes, because your browser is loading an outdated copy of the site, it appears that WordPress is not saving your changes.

If your Web browser is loading a stored copy of the page from cache, it might not be showing your latest changes because it is an old copy. WP Expert Programmer fix your cache and plugin issues occur in the blog.

4.Blank Page or Blank Screen Problem in WordPress

You recently installed a new plugin, a new theme or made some changes in the WordPress theme files, and you just see a blank page when you visit your website. You can not even login to dashboard, as it also shows a blank white screen.For those who are not in the know of a blank screen appears on a website or blog running WordPress whenever there is an Fatal PHP Error with a plugin or theme.WordPress freelance developer offers bug fixing jobs & fix your wordpress website problem with custom codes.

Solution:Once you know where the error is, you can delete or remove the offending plugins or have someone look at the error messages to rectify the problem that is causing your site to not load.

5.Your version of WordPress does not seem to allow workable permalinks

Permalinks are the permanent URLs to your individual weblog posts, as well as categories and other lists of weblog postings. A permalink is what another weblogger will use to link to your article or how you might send a link to your article content in an e-mail message.

6.Warning: Vulnerability in WordPress Themes and Plugins & Report WordPress Bugs and Vulnerabilities

In today world hackers have found a way in which they simply bypass that check and the password is reset by passing a special value in the key parameter of the reset page URL. WP plugin developer fix your site issues and protect your wordpress website by using necessary security plugins to avoid wp hacking & vulnerabilities.