With WordPress, you can contract any open source developer, affording you more freedom of choice as you build your website. WordPress has a huge community with millions of users and most developers are familiar with it. If a propriety CMS company’s team doesn’t meet your quality standards or if the company goes out of business, you’ll be left with a website that is essentially unusable and you’ll most likely have to start all over from scratch. If you’re not happy with an initial designer who has worked on your WordPress website, you can easily hire another developer who is familiar to WordPress.

One of WordPress’ advantages over other open source CMSs is that it is especially user friendly. You don’t have to be knowledgeable about HTML coding to be able to successfully manage a WordPress website, so it’s easy for any user to make minor changes to a WordPress site. With a proprietary CMS website, you’ll more likely have to pay higher prices for any changes.