Search Engine Optimization spends a lot behind SEO providers on a daily basis just to bring its keyword in the first page of Google result, but there are some simple rules which lead to the proper optimization if followed, unless leads to a poor result in the search engine optimization output.

The basic SEO starts even before installing the WordPress, in the starting of the installation script in the domain. In some hosts, there is an option to install the WordPress in a domain specified by the user, there should be used only http with the domain name like but not, the reason behind this is to avoid canonical URL. This canonical url is the dilemma between these two type of links, one with the www and another without, so if the script is installed then the site will exist in both of them creating problems in the future.

After installing the WordPress it is the time to customize it, there are thousands of plugins and themes available for this content management system, however choosing the best SEO optimized ones are the keys to better result. Thesis is the best flexible theme when WordPress is considered with a huge list of customizing option and in-build SEO facilities, optimizing them will bring in amazing results with minimal offsite SEO work. Plugins are also very difficult to choose from and often chosen according to own choice and taste but there are some basic plugins that should be installed for the Primary SEO purpose. Platinum SEO Pack is one of them which increase the facility of adding SEO metadata into any WordPress post as well as defining their attributes before publishing. Google XML Sitemap is another must have plugin for setting the sitemap of the WordPress site, failing to install this or any similar mapping software will leave the search engine optimization work unfinished for any WordPress site.

Pinging is another important function of any site, proper use of pinging index the posts almost immediately where overuse or misuse may lead to deindexing of the same. Pinging sites can be added in the writing section of the WordPress settings tab, the list of pinging sites is available in sites like Pingler where pinging service available free.