Are you tired of contacting your developer to add images, text or links to your website and waiting long hours (if not days) for the updates to be made? Are you sometimes up late and want to just update a price, offer text or add a quick coupon to your site? Well, now you can!
WordPress developer can convert your static website in to WordPress CMS. WP developer can install the WordPress package in to your live server and also clone the exact copy of your existing website ( design & functionality ) to WordPress.
The key to a golden migration is to carefully analyze your current website. You need to figure out how to import the content in WordPress before carrying over the template design.
While the rules are same across all migration projects, the details often vary. So, below are the lists of questions to ask as you work out a program.

Important Questions?

  • How much contents needs to be imported (number of pages, number of images, etc.)?
  • Is the data volume low enough to be imported manually, or do you need a tool to import data?
  • Can the page contents be categorized into the standard “posts” and “pages” or does it call for custom post types?
  • Does extra data need to be stored for certain pages (custom fields, taxonomies, etc.)?
  • Will the SEO URL structure change? If so, will the old URLs need to be redirected?

You can make all the template features & import contents through WordPress.

The process of static website to wordpress CMS conversion involves:

1)Analyze the existing website pages:

2)Take a backup of your existing website HTML, CSS, Media Files, etc..,

3)Develop the custom wordpress theme which is relevant to existing website.

4)Install the theme.

5)Install the necessary plugins.

6)Customize the plugins if needed.

7)Create pages & update menu navigation.

8)Set-up the permalink structure ( According to your needs.For eg: or, etc.., ).

9)Test the integrated WordPress site in various browsers.

Now the website owner can update contents via WordPress admin panel.