WordPress Upgradation & fixing issues on


1. update to most recent wp version and update the plug-ins
2. when I look at my site on iphone or ipad there is a green line through middle of page. fix this or make able to be viewed on iphone and ipad better.
3. on safari browser there is a white space between the menu bar and the 5 pictures below it.
4. Would like to add to contact page pdf file patients can download of intake forms. I tried this but couldn’t get it to work for some reason.
5. Contact us page – get line between Email adress and Mailing Address

Problem & Solutions

  • I messed up my site today. I was deleting the backup files that were on the site and somehow must have deleted files from the public_html folder or from somewhere. so site doesn't work... it is missing header photos etc....

  • I have fixed all the issues in the site. Some of the folders and class files are messed up with incorrect file paths and directory permissions. Also CSS files are not executed in the blog ( both admin & front end ). I have fixed the executable file, ( header, footer, nav bar, photos etc.) & CSS problems. Site works fine now.

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