Website to WordPress Conversion


Install the new WordPress into the server and change the look and feel as per in the current site Also install the necessary plugins, widgets and the navigation.

Problem & Solutions

  • The navigation should display sequence of images that form the picture of a car, in order top to bottom each bottom has: (assets)nav-back-A.jpg, nav-back-B.jpg through ... nav-back-H.jpg. Again .

  • I have taken more effort to make the left side bar menu looks like exactly as per in the existing one. Because this is wordpress, so it is quite complicated to get this done. We cannot make anything further in the left menu style.

  • Sundar did a great job adapting an unusual navigation presentation when mellow motors migrated to a Wordpress CMS format. I would (and plan) use his services again. he delivers on time and on budget. Five ***** stars. -- Chas Blackford

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