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Woocomerce Theme & Plugin customization work:

Catelog Page and the Product Pages: Pages are hierarchical being the Product Category, then the products, the product options.

a. The images for the products need to be sized to 120 x 120 pxl and all the same size. Right now the sizes in the product category are all different sizes. I tried image regeneration plug-in but it would not work.
b. When you click into a category the products need to be all set to the same image size, in alphabetical order and they need to be in the default template view instead of the full page view they seem to be in now.
c. Lastly when you click into the product itself to make a purchase the image needs

Problem & Solutions

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  • To achieve the functionality changes, I have made customization in Wordpress WOOCOMERCE plugin & also made some design tweaks for fixing the design/styles.

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