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1. Make the home page a regular WordPress page. Right now some hard coding was done that prevents me from making simple changes to metadata and content.

2. Install Google Website Optimizer plugin (right now is installed but we’re open to you installing one that you are comfortable with) and make it work for the home page. Chas has tried that before but it didn’t work.

3. Doctors pages sometimes cannot be edited: only option user gets is the HTML editor. Please note that we are using Flutter plugin. Sometimes you can edit one page when you log in, but not any ones after that. You have to log out and come back in again.

4. Install social media plugin that links to our Facebook and Twitter pages. Chas: do you agree? Any specifics?

Problem & Solutions

  • Presentation of home page is not good in both IE8 and Firefox 3.6.3. See screen shot of IE8. Firefox issue is the same, except that the 'Edit this Entry' issue does not exist there.

  • I didn't change your home page content.
    From the beginning itself , it displays as it is. I just removed title from the home page content. Currently I fixed the problem. I have attached screen shot for your verification. Also when you logged in as "Admin" and then check the home page , "Edit this Entry" will be displayed.

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